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Stephen Cornfoot
25 September
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Stephen Cornfoot for the_rising. bio in the works.

Stephen Cornfoot
Nickname: Corny (but he doesn't like it).
Gender: Male.
Age: 23
Birthday: 25 September, 1979 (changed his birthday, hope no one minds)
House: Ravenclaw
Political Alliance/Stance: Apathetic during his time at Hogwarts, but leaned good because of his bloodline (half-blood). The last battle left a mark on his psyche and he has not gotten over it completely. His mother was vehemently against Voldemort for obvious reasons, and his father just wanted his son (and his other children) to be safe. Stephen grew up with his mother's obvious anger towards Voldemort and his father's fear, and both sides have been present in Stephen. He was (and still is) a gullible young man, so had the right person approached him at the right time, he could have sided with the dark side instead. He would never admit that, though.

Basic Physical Description:
Dark brown hair, often unkempt (which adds to his appeal, according to girls); bright blue eyes that twinkle when he's happy; was once rather scrawy but since graduating, has bulked up quite a bit and grown into his body. Bit mysterious, brooding young man.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: He has no idea. :)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Build: Muscular? Slouches a bit.
Defining Marks: None, really. A few scars on his knees
Dress Style: Casual/dressy, depending on the day/what he has to do. Wears nice trousers and a button down shirt to work, but always has robes to wear around the Ministry if necessary. On the weekends/during his free time, he wears jeans, t-shirts... typical clothing of a 23 year old male.

Used to be more of an extrovert than he is now. After the war, he became more introverted. Years later, he is slowly coming out of his shell again.
Phobias/Fears: Bats, headless chicken, rats, falling to his death, baldness (as in loosing his own hair)
Boggart Would Be: a huge, huge rat
Patronus Would Be: a great grey owl

Biting his nails when nervous, not eating/sleeping enough when stressed out, fussing with his hair
General Likes: Quidditch, the Muggle world, visiting Wales, trying to speak Welsh, London, Muggle music, Transfiguration, Charms, books, Black Mountain liqueur, everything Welsh
General Dislikes: discrimination, extreme arrogance, airheads/one dimensional people, hospitals, being called Corny, his clumsiness
Often…: is seen walking his dog; spends too much time at the Ministry; overreacts
Basic Strengths: his friendliness, ability to charm most people even though he doesn't see it in himself, protective over his family
Basic Weaknesses: stubbornness, self-doubt, paranoia
Best Personality Features (Virtues): loyalty, compassion, fantastic listener
Worst Personality Features (Vices): alcohol, self-doubt, loves to eat and sleep, prone to overworking himself when stressed, stubborn
Personality In General: Friendly, caring, passionate about the things he enjoys and the people in his life, loyal. Tends to fidget and bite his nails when nervous. Was cocky about good grades and classes he excelled in during school, as well as the Quidditch team, but it was nothing too terrible. He doubts his own abilities too often, but is slowly overcoming it. A bit clumsy. Loved Hogwarts but the events during his last year left an impact on him; he's now more paranoid and jittery. Envies those who are more socially adept than he is. Shy around new people, but very lively around friends and people he's comfortable with; enjoys to relax just as much as intellectual pursuits.

Peter Cornfoot (Muggle)
Mother: Marilyn Cornfoot (witch)
Sister/Brother: Marta (11, witch); Philip (25, Muggle)
Others: maternal grandparents live in Wales, in a town outside of Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire; paternal grandparents live near London. many aunts, uncles and cousins spread throughout Wales and England.
Significant Other: None.
Family History: Parents are Marilyn (wizard) and Peter (Muggle) Cornfoot. He was born in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales, and lived there for nearly 13 years, but the family moved to London after his father received a promotion. Stephen has an older brother, Philip (Muggle, 25 years old), and a younger sister, Marta (witch, 11 years old – a "surprise"). Growing up, Philip and Stephen were the best of friends, but following Stephen's acceptance into Hogwarts, Philip has distanced himself from his brother. He's envious of the attention Stephen gets from half of their relatives and wishes that he was in any way special. Magic makes his paternal grandparents nervous, but they have slowly opened up to their son's family. Stephen's parents met after, literally, running into each other at a bookstore before Christmas. They struck up a conversation, Peter asked Marilyn out, and after their first date, she invited him to her annual Christmas party. As Marilyn likes to say, Peter came and never left. He's proud of his heritage, though is ashamed that he doesn't understand Welsh because his grandparents want one of their grandchildren to carry it on. Recently, since Stephen has not been as active in the Wizarding World (aside from his job), he is repairing the relationship with his brother, but it is a difficult task.
Occupation: Member of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office at the Ministry of Magic.
Residence: shares a flat with another bloke in London, within walking distance of St. Mungo's; has a dog, Doodles.
Finance: just barely gets by.

Marital Status:
Sexual Preference: Straight as far as he knows.
Turn ons: intelligence, when someone plays with his hair, massages, kisses, laughter, kissing his neck
Turn offs: stupidity, lack of common sense, someone that is too kinky/too showy/leaves nothing to the imagination
Dating: Stephen has dated a few Muggle girls since Hogwarts. Only one relationship was serious, with a girl named Emma. Stephen loved her, and they were even engaged, but several months after he proposed, she called it off for unknown reasons. For a while, he tried to distance himself from magic, but because it's part of who he is, he thinks it would be easier to settle down with a witch. No luck, so far.
Kinks: He's a biter (not to the point of drawing blood!). nothing weird.. he is not too experienced. ;)

Character's Relationship with Parents Growing Up:

Stephen had a loving, close relationship with his parents when he was growing up, and was even a bit of a mummy's boy. His relationship with his parents is still close, and he sees them often - especially his mother, who is constantly checking up on her more stable son. He was his mother's favourite of the two sons and though she won't admit it, he still is. His other brother, Philip, has yet to settle down and is too much of a wanderer for their parents' taste. His mum wants one of her children (younger sister Marta, included) to marry and give her grandchildren, but none are close to that yet.

Character's Brief History at Hogwarts:
Sorted into Ravenclaw, Stephen fit the stereotype well. While he was almost sorted into Hufflepuff for his loyalty, honesty and hard-working nature, ultimately, his intelligence won. His mother, a former Ravenclaw herself, was thrilled to hear that her son was following in her footsteps. Stephen never had to work hard at Muggle Studies, always passing with flying colours because of his upbringing. His favourite classes were Transfiguration, Charms, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, ... well, he liked most of his classes, except for Potions, Herbology, and Divination. The only reason he bothered with Potions and Herbology was because his mother wanted him to go into healing. He joined the Quidditch team in his fourth year, as a Beater, after years of practice. He showed a natural talent on the pitch and was well-known for his unique style and antics. He considered trying out for a professional team after graduation, but he doubted his own abilities. He kept in touch with a few classmates from Hogwarts, namely Michael Corner, who Stephen considers his best mate.

Defining Likes and Dislikes:

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