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Stephen Cornfoot's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Stephen Cornfoot

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[public] [03 Jan 2006|05:06pm]
I thought that taking my dog for a walk would help, but it didn't. For some reason, I'm still all wound up and restless. I don't exactly like it.

Roommate just walked in and said he's moving out. No idea what I'm going to do but the contact isn't up yet and... well, there's no sense having a two bedroom for just me and the dog. Fantastic. That's just bloody fantastic.

Naptime? Definitely. Dog wants to cuddle, I guess he loves me.
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[public] [20 Dec 2005|11:56am]
My bloody roommate can't pay the rent so I had to pay it for him, AGAIN. It is times like these where I wonder why the hell I'm such a pushover and so nice and why I let myself get stomped on like this. Maybe if he would GET A JOB and stop being a freeloading wanker...

Maybe it's time to find a new roommate. Maybe I should kick him out. ... No, don't think I'll end up doing that.

I keep re-reading Skeeter's article and it just keeps getting funnier. And weirder. I think I'll burst out laughing the next time I see our dear old Professor Snape.

Does anyone else remember me? I think Seamus damaged my self-esteem, thanks mate.
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[private] [19 Dec 2005|08:34pm]
So this reunion business. Interesting stuff.

It makes me bloody nervous. I guess it brings up old memories I'd rather not remember. Not like I had it the worst out of anyone, but... something bothers me about this. I don't exactly want to go back. Then again, I can't deny that I miss a lot about it, miss (some) classmates.

Am I really forgettable? I thought I maybe had some sort of minor impact on the school, but I was definitely wrong.

On the plus side, even if Seamus forgot about me, it doesn't seem to be hindering anything. I can't figure him out. That's likely his whole plan, keep me confused, well it's bloody working. Flirting? With a bloke?! Maybe I don't know myself so well after all.

Fucking bizarre. Can't say I don't mind the attention, though. Been a while. Am I that desperate that anything is good enough?! Shape up, Cornfoot, you're pathetic. Does he have any idea how hard it is to NOT BE ODD ABOUT IT?!

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